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Zhongshan Yongzhiheng Lighting Electrical Co., Ltd is located in Guzhen,Zhongshan city,Which is famous for " The Lighting Capital of China" .The company has been specializing in the application of outdoor solar lighting Since its foundation. It adheres to the principle of high quality and pursues the excellence and perfection. Up to now,the company has set up a firmly connected operation process from being developed to after-sale service which brings development, production and selling together.it is one of the solar lamps manufacturers which owns the most comprehensive production capability.at the same time,it provides OEM and ODM service for the industry . The two brands of the company--“Grace”and “yongheng lighting”,are famous in lighting industry.”Grace“ focuses on the integration of solar street lighting. After years of development and improvement, Its technology and quality has been improved steadily, The brand influence of“Grace”has been applied to over ten large-scale energy-saving projects have been built in the Southern area of china, even in Middle East,Africa and other overseas. “Yongheng lighting”has wide variety of products which can be mainly divided into three series.The main products include street lamps,high pole lamps,large landscape lamps,courtyard lamps,lawn lamps,LED products,The integrated solar street lamps and split type solar street lamps, outdoor project LED products and so on.
+ 中山古镇和江门荷塘二个生产基地,满足不同需求。
+ 拥有灯杆/喷漆/LED灯具组装/太阳能板/电子电器等生产线,是华南最大太阳能路灯生产厂家拥有“太阳能路灯光源检测实验室”和“太阳能板蓄电池检测实验室”两个企业研发平台
+ 专业生产LED太阳能路灯 承接户外照明
+ 高端性价比,远超同行,使用寿命更持久
所有组件均采用业内高端品牌,经过检验获得CE、POHS、产品等认证质量保证,+ + 性价比高超长抗阴雨天数,根据10年内当地气候连续阴雨天状况设计,保证全年阴雨天正常亮灯,并拥有连续使用7年无需更换蓄电池记录
全球太阳能道路照明解决方案专家24小时全天候技术与商务支持 星级销售服务体系,优而专的服务团队,全程一对一服务指导 周密完善的售前、售中、售后技术服务专业解决方案, 24小时厂家全天候技术与商务支持


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